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Czech Pilot Group
Letiste Prerov - Bochor (LKPO)
75002 Bochor, Czech Republic
phone: +(420) 732 961 189
VAT: CZ7508245712


our price € 299.00
normal price € 19.90
our price € 12.99


These conditions govern the relationship between the seller - the company .... and the buyer.

Czech Pilot Group

consumer, business, state institutions

Goods can be ordered in the following ways:
- Telephone (in person, by telephone)
- In writing (by mail, e-mail)
- In the online shop

Electronic order must contain all necessary information:
The condition of the electronic order completion of all required data and requirements.

Terms of Payment
- Payment in cash upon personal collection of goods
- Payment in advance by bank transfer based on issue your proforma invoice
- Payment by cash on delivery service transport

Prices are negotiable

Right of withdrawal
In accordance with § 53 (7) of the Civil Code the buyer - the consumer the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods. If the decision is to withdraw in that period and shall comply with the conditions below, will receive a refund of the purchase price:

- Send a letter (preferably by e-mail) to the Czech firm Pilot Group with text: "I want to unilaterally withdraw from the contract of DD.MM.YYYY No (order number, invoice) and want a refund should be returned amount for the goods to the address (if you require a refund to the account, please provide the account number). " Date and signature.

- Form for withdrawal for download HERE, please send mail to and then include with the goods.

The consumer is obliged to deliver goods to the Seller undamaged, preferably in the original packaging with all accessories. Goods must be complete (including instructions, etc.) and proof of purchase (or copies thereof) Upon receipt of returned goods, the seller return the appropriate amount of pre-agreed manner and not later than 30 days from the effective expression of will of the buyer (delivery charges from withdrawal ).

Failure to comply with these terms the seller may apply to the consumer compensation for diminished value of the returned goods. This does not affect the consumer's right to withdraw from the contract without any penalty. If the deadline for withdrawal is a withdrawal from the contract void and the consumer by not produce any rights to return goods.

Do not send cash on delivery, and we recommend that you insure the goods.

The consumer is not entitled to rescind the contract under § 53 paragraph 8 of the Civil Code:

the provision of services if their performance was started with the consent of the purchaser before expiry of 14 days from the receipt of performance

the supply of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations of financial market independently of the will of the seller

the supply of goods made to the buyer wishes, as well as goods subject to rapid deterioration, wear or obsolescence

delivery of audio and video recordings and computer programs, if the buyer breached their original packaging

the delivery of newspapers, periodicals and magazines

- When all the above conditions, your money will be refunded for the goods or by transfer to your account at the latest within 10 working days from receipt of goods. Not later than 30 days from receipt of cancellation.

- In the event that any of the above conditions, unfortunately we can not accept cancellation of contract and consumer goods will be returned at the expense of sending back.

Withdrawal from the contract by the contractor / seller

The seller may withdraw from the contract with the buyer in whole or in part, if the goods which are subject to performance under the contract, are not produced or delivered, or the date of an order the customer has significantly changed the supply prices of goods which are subject to performance under the contract. If this happens, will be sold immediately contact the buyer in order to agree on further action. In the event that the buyer paid a part or the entire amount of the purchase price, this amount will be transferred back to his own account or address in the shortest possible term. When oral or telephone order is communicated to the buyer always the valid price for the order.

If the price change if the valid price identical to or lower than written, fax or e-mail order, not backwards, and confirmed by the buyer of goods is delivered to him as the valid price at the time of order

Privacy Policy
By completing the registration form, or a binding order through the online store purchaser gives consent to the collection and archiving of personal data and his purchases. Our company respects the law on the protection of personal data do not provide any information to third parties and to your e-mail do not send any marketing information service not activate if sent by e-mail. See. protection of personal data.

Final provisions
By submitting an electronic order form the Buyer accepts all the provisions of the conditions in force at the date of dispatch of orders, as well as the valid price goods including freight and handling, unless in a particular case proved otherwise agreed. Sent order, the Buyer irrevocably bound.

Participants specifically under § 262 paragraph 1 of the Commercial Code, agreed that unless the conditions expressly stated otherwise, their rights and obligations of the Commercial Code, particularly the provisions of § 409 et seq