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Light aviation headset PH-500

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Product no.: PH-500
Manufacturer: Czech Pilot Group
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Ultra-lightweight PH-500 headphones are a new generation product that not only responds to current trends in the aviation industry, but also determines the direction of its development. The PH-500 is unique in its design using innovative technologies - eg anchor converters instead of traditional diaphragm speakers.

Innovations have created a product with exceptional cushioning and comfort features. A product that works equally well in private and commercial aviation. Finally, a product that is a real alternative to expensive solutions based on active damping systems.

With traditional aviation headphones, noise reduction is provided by shielding shells. This is an effective solution, but it is not without shortcomings. In order to suppress the sound wave, the shell must be of sufficient thickness, which means an increase in weight. With lightweight headphones, only a small portion of the ear canal is shielded. As a result, we can increase the thickness of the cushioning layer without significantly increasing the weight of the kit and more effectively isolating the ear membrane from external noise.

PH-500 headphones do not differ from standard aviation headsets in the range of electrical parameters. The anchor converters have adapted to the impedance of standard on-board installations (300 Ohm mono and 150 Ohm stereo) and the high quality headband microphone in conjunction with our latest preamplifier ensures very good modulation and full compatibility with most third-party aviation headphones.

The PH-500 also has built-in volume control, a mono / stereo switch and two 3.5mm jack sockets for external audio sources such as Phone, MP3, GPS. These sockets allow you to connect a Bluetooth module that allows you to pair your headphones with other devices using this communication standard.

The PH-500 is equipped with a standard pair of PJ (General Aaviation) jacks.

Package contents:

- PH-500 aircraft headphone
- Set of ear plugs
- 3.5 mm cable for attaching accessories
- Clip for attaching the cable eg to the seat belt
- Carrying bag with headphones

Passive aviation headphones
Precise microphone mount on gooseneck
Strong yet flexible cable with connectors

150 cm cable
Volume control directly on the cable
Possibility to connect accessories 2x 3.5 mm sockets


Microphone and amplifier:
Type: electret reinforced, filter
Frequency range: 150Hz to 5kHz
Operating voltage (on-board): 8-32 V DC
Microphone impedance range: 150-1000 ohms


Temperature range: - 20 to 70 C
Connectors: PJ-055, PJ-068
Weight: 40g (without cable), 130g (with cable)

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