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International Protractor & Parallel Rule Plotter


Product no.: K2
Manufacturer: NavComm
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Protractor air is a basic navigation device in aviation. It is also necessary facilities to anyone who begins his adventure of flying - the ability to use this instrument to be the most basic operation of the flight training program.

We offer the instrument has been developed mold technology, which, compared with the method of printing on foil provides greater precision, and durability of print.

More than that used in the production process components 3M materials ensure excellent visibility and virtually life-long durability.

The protractor made ​​two holes of the wheel profile and applying the triangle markings to facilitate navigation. The set also features plastic case with a thick film device safety in transport. Protractor also has a kilometer scale 1:500 thousand

The protractor, like all products offered by me subject to a 3-year warranty. During this period, the occurrence of one or more of the following events:

stratification of the material
matt Plexiglas
mechanical damage (bent, broken, snagging)

guarantees the user to obtain a new copy, provided references damaged.


square made ​​from high quality plastic with a total thickness of 1.1 mm and side length 110mm
blue print the grid with a slightly blue, opaque background of the figures
two holes of the wheel profile and the triangle and the diameter of 10mm
additional kilometer scale 1:500 thousand
triangle on the north to allow the instrument properly orient the map
foil pouch to prevent scratches.

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