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iPad Mini 4 - Kneeboard with Stylus/Pen


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The CPG iPad mini 4 Kneeboard has been designed to give you a comfortable way to securely wear and display your iPad on your leg. Its special tilting shape ensures good visibility even in sunshine. It also gives you easy instant access to all your aviation apps while your device is conveniently positioned at your fingertips. The CPG removes the need to mount your iPad mini on the dash or take up valuable instrument space thereby helping you to manage the demands in the cockpit environment.
High quality, leg formed kneeboard with fully adjustable 40mm clip lock strap. The iPad form fitting cradle tray holds the iPad in place. The unit quickly and simply clips into the tray. All of button function and connection ports remain accessible so the iPad can be controlled synced and charged while it is in the CPG case.
The CPG iPad Mini Flying Kneeboard can be worn on either leg.


- Comfortable leg formed board to fit either leg
- Secure iPad mini Retina clip in holder
- iPad holder fixed in portrait view
- Access to all ports and controls
- Elasticated, adjustable 50mm wide clip lock strap
- Pen holder 3x


- Material: ABS
- Colour: Black
- Port Access: Yes
- Leg Strap: Yes
- Apple smart cover compatible: YES

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