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Aviation headset PH-101 MP3 + Bluetooth

listen to your favorite music in flight



Product no.: PH-101MT
Manufacturer: Czech Pilot Group
normal price € 195.00 (200.85 $)
our price without Tax : € 147.93 (152.37 $)
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€ 179.00 (184.37 $)

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Passive Noise Reducing Aviation Headset. Super Soft Double Foam Head Pad. New Comfort foam, undercut ear seals. Molded cord assembly made to exceptional pull and flex standards. Noise-canceling electret. Strong Steel Boom provides flexibility and steady microphone placement. Straight cord from headset to molded plug, 150CM. Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 24dB.

The headphones can be connected to a mobile phone or MP3 player via cable or bluetooth. The cable is included.

Type: Dynamic (50)
Frequency Response:100Hz to 8 kHz
Sensitivity: 95+/-5 dB SPL(1 kHz, 1 mW input per earcup side)
full volume on ear simulator
Impedance:150 ohms (300 ohms each; wired in parallel)
Rate Input: 100mW
Max. Iuput: 250mW

Microphone and Amplifier:
Element Type: Noise-canceling electret
Frequency Response: 150Hz to 5kHz
Operating Voltage (supplied by aircraft): 8-32 Volts DC
Matching Impedance: 150-1000 ohms
Sensitivity: -33+/-4 dB
(ref: 0dB SPL=20.0uPa at 1 kHz with 10 Vdc 150 ohms AC load)

Temperature: Operating: - 20 to 70oC
PH-101 Straight cord from headset to molded plug, 150CM

Intercom Connections:
Earphone Plug: PJ-055 ( .25" 6.3 phone plug)
Microphone Plug: PJ-068 ( .206" 5.2 phone plug)
Weights: 480g
Headset size range
Height: 10 to 14 cm

Orange, blue, white, red, army green, black, yelou.

Flexible Boom

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